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W2O Group is a holding company based in San Francisco, California that provides marketing services through its subsidiaries. It was founded by Jim Weiss in 2001 and originally named WeissComm Partners.


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Bad communication between departments. Especially bad in light of the need to work remotely. I was totally burned by this experience and feel betrayed by the total lack of support by fellow creative managers."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Top-heavy and very dysfunctional. The leadership does not value the voice or advancement of its day-to-day studio, creatives, and project managers. Be expected to work on multiple accounts. Certain account managers lack collaborative spirit and have the reigns to drive projects on aggressive timelines."

Current Employee - Group Director says

"No consistency. No oversight. No structure or process. No clear expectations. Poor management and senior leadership. Lack of unifying vision. The senior Management will say many words but not communicate anything important. After twenty years in business they still feel like a start up because their growth is by acquisitions. Each purchase brings their own culture. No one assimilates. The work is largely uninspired because there are a million cooks in the kitchen. People from purchased companies have resentments about the loss of independence. No two groups work well in an iterative manner. They don't know how and no one requires it. Staff is top heavy which leads to battles of egos and personalities. Leadership sides with whomever has been there longer. This is not a real agency. It's nothing like any of the big players. It's a consortium of tiny companies that made enough of a ripple to get bought. It's an advertising, PR, marketing alliance."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"* High turnover rates * Nepotism and office politics * Management does not listen to employees concerns and find proper solutions to those concerns * Management cannot take constructive criticism * Toxic environment/toxic people working at the company * Cliquey culture, must suck up to managers if you want to get ahead * Expensive health insurance and does not offer transit reimbursement/discount * Terrible work life balance They have an extremely high turnover rate but say, “it’s normal in the industry they work in”. I am pretty sure if they treated their employees better and offer better benefits that rate would go down significantly. Also, have been in meetings where they "suggest" to employees to write good things about them on glassdoor to get better ratings. If you have an issue regarding your work load or a higher-up in the company and you bring it to your manager’s attention, some managers, will complain about you bringing the issue up to them and blame you for the reason why you have the problem. Most managers there CANNOT GIVE OR TAKE CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. If you give them critiques on how they should improve their leadership skills or bring up the issue to HR, they will find ways to retaliate against you. Some higher-ups there are not professional AT ALL and should not be holding their positions at W2O. I have seen a higher-up yell and swear at other people over things that were not a big deal. Be sure to make sure to do everything right on your first day because depending on your manager you be yelled at like I was over something that was not a huge issue on my second day there. If you go to HR regarding an issue about a higher up, your concern will go unheard and unaddressed. The environment is extremely toxic, some managers will tear down their employees rather than build them up and do not listen to them. It’s a shame because I’ve seen many talented people leave because of that. They offer different benefits depending on your position there, which is unfair. For example, everyone is able work home 1 day out of the week, unless you worked in a certain position. My current employer offers the same benefits to ALL full-time employees. W2O tells employees if they want to "grow" or to learn a new skillset they can watch YouTube videos instead of offering some kind tuition reimbursement and give the employee the assistance in receiving a degree or certificate. Having an employee certified in a skill can be great asset for the company. Work life balance for employees is terrible, have seen people in the office before 7 AM, after 9 PM, and on the weekends working well over 10 hours a day. Some barely have enough time to eat lunch! Hire more people so your employees can have a life outside of work! Studies have shown employees work more effectively when they are able to get some rest from work."

Former Employee - Developer says

""We are not a tech company" is a direct quote from the CEO. Stay away if you do web development, QA, DevOps or anything in the tech field, you will not further your career at all or get opportunities to learn. All this company cares about is the bottom line. Get ready to justify every minute you log on your timesheet. I regularly spent 15 minutes arguing with account people over the 15 minutes of work I did on their accounts. Work/life balance? Hopefully, you don't have a life, because you will be expected to work after hours and on weekends. If you think their unlimited PTO policy will make up for that, think again. You will get in trouble if you take more than 15 days, even if you worked more than 15 weekends that year (true story). Upper management does not care about the people who work hard for them, which is why their turnover rate is so high and why the CEO made retention a goal for 2019. My experience there was awful and I very much regret not leaving sooner."

Former Employee - Accoubt Director says

"Awful work hours, clique like atmosphere, jaded senior management, and sad work environment"

Former Employee - Manager says

"Long hours are always expected and most people are working well into the middle of the night, more so than other agencies. There are some self inflated egos in senior leadership that seem more important to maintain than adapting new processes and technologies. Very weak and unsupportive managers with no training program. Catty and tattle tale culture to get and stay ahead. "Unlimited" time off is a joke since most people feel they're unable to take vacation and end up working through time off anyway."

Former Employee - Backroom Associate says

"Catty culture, unethical business practices, favoritism, wrong people in management, no damage control, have to fight for proper mentors, abuse of employees"

Former Employee - Senior Production Manager says

"Everything: as a PM, i had no control on projects because the Account team thought they knew better. I had to wake up with my account team EST and continue working with the office until 9 or 10pm PST. Don't even think about getting called for jury duty because they investigate when you appear. They are inappropriate in every way."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"We always appreciate feedback, even if it’s not what we want to hear. As we’ve mentioned in other comments, W2O has invested significantly in coaching, on-boarding, and learning and development this year as a result of feedback like yours. We also take diversity and inclusion very seriously and are working with partners like the LAGRANT Foundation and the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association among others to do a better job on our hiring mix. We are very sorry to hear that your experience at W2O was not a positive one, but our People Experience team appreciates the opportunity to learn where we can make additional investments to reward and support our talented staff."

Media Billing Associate (Former Employee) says

"The work environment is similar to a sorority house. There are many office politics. A chatty office environment. The pay is not enough for the work you’re give . There are not procedures and processes in motion for tasks assigned."

N/A (Former Employee) says

"condescending upper management; left to sink or swim; poor HR department. Fend for yourself in all aspects. overservicing clients is par for the course and work/life balance is non existent."

Employee (Former Employee) says

"Company lost to what it wants to be when it grows up. Pay is good, some peers are exceptional, some are more into playing politics. Performance does not make much difference when it comes to job security.Decent Pay, some perksHigh stress, low reward, no acknowledgment of contributions, too much politics"

Sr. Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"It's a great place to work if you are savy at political games and navigate cliques well. Not good if you just want to put your head down, do good work and go home. You get into trouble if you work instead of going to ego-boosting toasts for execs. and social events (if you don't drink alcohol or like to be around it, beware its everywhere here). The company pushes a "work hard, play hard" culture but in reality you have very little time to "play". Responding to email on your day off or on vacation isn't too uncommon, as are days where you come in at 9 and leave at 9. Despite a "unlimited time off policy" you feel shamed when you try to ask for time off. Many people are overworked.Free LaCroix, lots of free food, Breakfast in the AMOffice politics are the worst, long work days, stress"

Director (Former Employee) says

"Once was great...Now - nope. Unless you're a data scientist. If you're a data scientist, you'll love it. Nobody understands you and they leave you alone."

Associate, Analytics (Former Employee) says

"W2O is going under a lot of change especially in the Austin office and people are leaving left and right. As a lot of reviews have said before, the company constantly pushes to significantly increase revenue each year at unsustainable rates. The breaking point where everyone is way too overworked and undervalued has finally hit. A lot of people who work there are great and will always be some of my best friends, but management is pretty bad and shady at best from my experience. I wouldn't recommend working there at this point with all the uncertainty that exists around the office unless you're okay with no work-life balance and an office with high turnover.Benefitslack of management accountability, workplace culture, no work-life balance"

Account Director (Current Employee) says

"Culture is easy going but going through some growing pains. Very little guidance of inout from upper management but the pay is great. Many company gatherings to bond with colleagues.free lunch and good paylack of direction and support"

Director (Former Employee) says

"Company is trying to get a handle on growth and change. The turnover and poor communication makes this incredibly challenging. The expectation is that employees figures things out on their own."

Front Office Administrator (Current Employee) says

"It has been an okay place to work. A lot of turn over, which is typical for a PR Firm."


"Private company so finance rules are a bit loose, which is sometimes hard to deal with.So many changes since I started. Hard to follow or feel part of the group."

Freelance Writer/Editor (Former Employee) says

"I only worked at W2O on a freelance basis so my knowledge of the agency culture is nil. The people I conversed with on the phone were professional and courteous. The work was challenging but not difficult."

marketing & branding (Former Employee) says

"I was laid off because I refused to relocate. No other options offered, excellent review with no increase in pay. There is no respect for support staff.laid backyelling CEO, no respect for support staff"

Account (Current Employee) says

"It's not for everyone - if you are a go-getter that wants to work hard and likes to figure out your own path, you will do well. If you need lots of guidance and instruction, you will likely struggle. Tons of smart people doing challenging work, so if you like a challenge, it can be a great place to learn."

Associate Creative Director (Former Employee) says

"But it's not going to be super creative work (which may not matter to you if you're not a creative). Sabbatical is great. Ability to talk to people on a human-level. People seemingly work together."